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Getting close to the end of the title-less Convention chapters, but not quite there yet! 2.3.10 today.

Date: 2014-05-26 04:43 pm (UTC)
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"a friend of Robespierre, and wishing "after Louis XVI. to have Robespierre guillotined" from a love of equilibrium" Haha, like the droll tone of "equilibrium" here and how it immediately follows on from their friendship.

"Barère, the man of majorities" Does he just like to back the winning side?

"Julien who compared the Mountain to Thermopylæ;" More Spartan/Greek allusions.

"Gamon, who wished to have one of the public tribunes reserved solely for women" Another potential role for women, but mentioned here in sort of a "look at all these eccentric traits people have" way.

"the two brothers Duprat, one a Montagnard, the other, a Girondist, who hated each other, as did the two brothers Chénier." People have been commenting about the Chéniers and their strained family loyalties already. Here, the hatred is specifically targeted at people rather than ideologies.

"So a voice in the mountain is enough to let loose an avalanche." Another mountain metaphor, this one tying into the power of speech (as mentioned in a previous chapter title).

"Once, however, in the tumult of April 11th, 1793, the president caused a disorderly spectator in the tribune to be arrested." Very specific on the date. Maybe implying that the chaos was the normal state of affairs, and that actually having to do something about it by arresting people is rare enough to be noteworthy.

"Let them look above their heads, and they will see the sword of the law;" Is this the sword portrayed next to the constitution in the architectural section?

"Conspirator!—Assassin!—Villain!—Factionist!—Moderate!" "Moderate" seems to be on a, well, more moderate level of an insult than "assassin." But even not being in a faction is enough to put you in a faction, or at least, yelled at by your peers.


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