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...So apparently I managed to skip posting entirely on the 22nd, and we are thus ACTUALLY up to 2.3.9 today. Thanks to [ profile] pilferingapples/[personal profile] thjazi for catching the discrepancy! (She suggests we call this an homage to Hugo's math. WORKS FOR ME.) Anyway, go forth and discuss 2.3.9 today, and tomorrow will be 2.3.10!

Date: 2014-05-26 12:49 am (UTC)
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((No worries, this section is bizarre like that!))

"At the same time the Assembly freed itself from the revolution; it produced civilization." So the civic progress is contrasted with, not just the "terror"/"chaos"/"stormy" revolution, but the process of freeing itself from the revolution. Maybe that’s hinting at the process of political consolidation? What the historical RPF guys have to do to establish the new government, post-upheaval, is still distinct from the actual accomplishments of the government itself.

"The Convention promulgated this great axiom" Woo, more…vaguely mathematical encapsulations? There are limitations on individuals’ rights, and a bunch more moral conclusions can be draw from this original postulate.

"It declared indigence sacred" and so on and so forth. The government trying to provide social services for those on the margins of society. Excellent! Good and appropriately civilized use of government. The word "sacred" is a little jarring in this context…maybe parallels Biblical notions of caring for the least of these as God is living and working in them, but at the same time, it’s also the goal of the government to reduce the conditions leading to sickness/orphans/etc? Beyond just pitying them (which is not to underestimate the actual importance of supporting the marginalized in the medium term!)

"It established the finances of France, and caused public credit to follow the long monarchical bankruptcy." Despite all the assignat and counterfeit stuff? Good for them, I guess.

"It brought the telegraph into use, gave endowed hospitals for the aged, clean hospitals to the sick, the Polytechnic school to instruction, the Bureau of Longitudes to science, the institute to the human mind." Gave x to y. Obviously the government isn’t able to literally give stuff away, there’s some kind of tax going on (from the ancient regime coffers?) This is coming off as an uncharacteristically conservative analysis hahaha, I definitely approve of the actual-civilization! advances undertaken by the assembly! Just trying to poke around a little and test the limits of the narration.

"brotherhood proclaimed," Could be kind of an empty statement on the government’s part?

"light shed on every summit," This could be about the research institutes and scientific/educational support? But goes along with some of the mountain/summit symbolism we’ve been seeing. And I guess there’s also lots of light symbolism, as usual…

"all this the Convention brought about, having in its vitals that hydra, la Vendée, and on its shoulders that pile of tigers, the kings." That is impressive. Well, we’ve seen how they get some kings off of their shoulders. Have to stay tuned to figure out how they handle the Vendée.


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