Apr. 19th, 2014

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So here's how this is gonna work. (At least, how we think it's gonna work. We'll see how it goes in practice, of course.)

The planned schedule for the Club 93 read is that starting on Monday, April 21, the club will read and discuss a chapter per day. Accordingly, a post will go up every day on this comm for that day's chapter -- no content in the opening post, just "Chapter 1.1! Discuss it here!" or the like. People can then discuss to their hearts' content in the comments.

If you want to post on tumblr with the ClubNinetyThree tag, awesome! Do that! If you want to c&p from tumblr to a comment here, go for it! If you want to just link to a tumblr post, that's awesome too. If you want to write something new in a comment, that is obviously 100% welcome always.

Anyone can comment here -- you don't need a DW account. You can comment anonymously, or log in with OpenID.

Any comm member can make a post. If the mods are running slow and you want to toss up a chapter's header post so you can get to discussing in the comments, go for it! If you want to link to a fic or art or historical tidbit or open up a less chapter-specific discussion, go for that, too. As far as I know there's no Ninety-Three fandom on DW right now, so this comm can be whatever we want it to be.

And now I will shut up until it's time for meta. :D
genarti: Stack of books with text, "We are the dreamers of dreams." ([misc] dreamers)
[personal profile] genarti
[tumblr.com profile] needsmoreresearch did a great post about various translations both free and not-free, right here.

Also, [tumblr.com profile] lifeisyetfair linked to a 1962 French film of the book available for 4 Euros: see their post for details.


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