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Catch-up posting time, sorry! Here's the discussion post for "Le Sauvetage S'Ebauche," or "Possible Escape," or "A Scheme for Escape," depending on your translation.

Date: 2014-06-30 12:26 am (UTC)
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We begin by introducing Lieutenant “Guéchamp, whom it is necessary to know somewhat.” He is “never compassionate,” with “discipline and order” being his “blinders.” Definitely getting Javert vibes. Seems like the kind of guy both armies, with their emphasis on being merciless, would respect and like to have on their side.

He tells Gauvain that it’s Gauvain’s plan that’s gotten them in trouble—Gauvain didn’t want to attack the cultured side with the library, focusing on the military tower, and that leaves the children vulnerable.

"The peasants destroy the ladders everywhere, just as they break up the wagons and cut away the bridges."

"It is true; they want to paralyze the Republic."

"They want to make it impossible for us either to transport baggage, pass a river, or scale a wall."

The peasants are trying to restrict the republicans’ technological advantages. Gauvain’s army used their know-how to blow up the wall, but playing defense, the peasants take a back-to-nature approach.

"Gauvain went up on the plateau, and remained a long time looking steadily at the bridge castle," He’s looking at his old home, but instead of nostalgia, evaluating it from a military aspect.

"Gauvain and Cimourdain divided the investment of the fortress; Gauvain kept the side toward the forest, and gave the side next the plateau to Cimourdain." And here’s where I appreciate shirley-keeldar's map and all the analysis from robertawickham and pilferingapples on the Gauvain/Lantenac/Tourgue stuff. Gauvain is (I think) attacking the tower/old/military side? Cimourdain is going up against his counterbalance, Lantenac, on the new/monarchist side? As far as I can tell.


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